20 Jul, 2024
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US Presidential Election 2024

US Presidential Election 2024 According to CNN, there will be a contest between Joe Biden and Donald Trump for the US Presidential election. Trump secured the Republican nomination for the presidency on Wednesday morning, while Biden confirmed his claim a day earlier by winning the Democratic Party elections. Let us tell you that elections are to be […]

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Japan stops releasing poisonous water into the sea

Japan has stopped releasing poisonous water into the sea. This decision was taken after the earthquake near the Fukushima plant on Friday morning. A magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck off the northeastern coast of Fukushima. There was a tsunami here in 2011, which caused a lot of damage to the plant. Tokyo Electric Power Company, which is overseeing the […]

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American MP said – Modi will become Prime Minister again

American MP Rich McCormick says that PM Narendra Modi will once again become the Prime Minister of India. In an interview given to news agency PTI, he said- Modi is a very popular leader. His party will win the coming Lok Sabha elections. I came to India. Had lunch with Modi. His popularity was seen among the party members. If any […]

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Putin said – Russia is ready for nuclear war

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday warned America of a nuclear attack. Putin said- If America sends its troops to Ukraine, then the war may increase further. Actually, Russian news agency RIA asked Putin the question whether Russia is ready for nuclear war. On this the Russian President said- We are not moving towards nuclear war at […]

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Japan’s first private space mission fails

Japan’s first private space mission has failed. On Wednesday, the Kairos rocket of private firm Space One exploded just 5 seconds after take off. Its clear video footage has also surfaced. Space One had claimed last week that all the testing of this mission has been completed and its team is ready for the final round. Kairos was […]

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Obama said – Save Earth instead of settling life on Mars

Former US President Barack Obama said during a summit in Paris on Wednesday that people should try to save the Earth before dreaming of building a colony on Mars. Even a nuclear war and climate change cannot make the Red Planet habitable. Speaking at the Renewable Energy Conference, Obama mentioned the billionaires who are building spaceships […]

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Former Netherlands PM-wife’s euthanasia: Died holding her hand; Dries Van Eggt kept calling his wife my girl till the last moment

Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Dries Van Agt and wife Eugene (both aged 93) died on Monday through legal euthanasia. Both were ill for a long time. With the help of doctors, both of them breathed their last and remained companions holding each other’s hands till the last moment. According to a legal rights […]

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Unveiling the Dynamics of the Recent 40% Plummet in Paytm Shares

The recent nosedive of Paytm’s shares, experiencing a significant 40% downturn within a mere span of 48 hours, has set off a flurry of speculations and discussions within the financial sphere. This unprecedented event has left investors and analysts alike scrambling to dissect the underlying factors contributing to this abrupt decline. In this comprehensive analysis, […]

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India’s UPI launched on the Eiffel Tower in France: Modi said – happy to see; Macron-Modi had made digital payment through this in Jaipur

UPI has been launched in France on Friday. The Indian Embassy in France formally launched the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) at the Eiffel Tower in Paris on 2 February. Now people will be able to book tickets for Eiffel Tower through UPI. The Prime Minister reacted to this. He said- It was very nice to […]