17 Apr, 2024
5 mins read

Biden will win if Trump becomes the candidate: Nikki Haley said – I want to make America normal, not great; Contest again with former President on 23rd Februar

Indian-origin Nikki Haley, who is trying to become the presidential candidate from the Republican Party, has again raised question marks on the election promises of former President Donald Trump. Nikki said- Trump is talking about making America great again, we need to make America normal, not great. If Trump becomes our candidate again, Biden will […]

3 mins read

India Budget 2024: A Comprehensive Analysis

Introduction The India Budget for the year 2024 holds immense significance as it outlines the financial roadmap for the nation. It reflects the government’s priorities, policies, and plans to drive economic growth, foster social development, and address various challenges faced by the country. Key Objectives The primary objectives of the India Budget 2024 are to […]