American MP said – Modi will become Prime Minister again
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American MP said – Modi will become Prime Minister again

American MP Rich McCormick says that PM Narendra Modi will once again become the Prime Minister of India. In an interview given to news agency PTI, he said- Modi is a very popular leader. His party will win the coming Lok Sabha elections. I came to India. Had lunch with Modi. His popularity was seen among the party members. If any leader is 70% popular, it is Modi.

Modi’s influence abroad also – Rich McCormick said – his outlook on economy, development, goodwill towards all people is praiseworthy. He is also very much liked among the expatriate Indians all over the world. It changes the way the world looks at India. They have had a positive impact on India’s strategic relations and the global economy.

Economy growing 6-8% – McCormick said- India is moving forward with confidence. India’s economy is growing by 6-8% every year under the leadership of Modi. His willingness to work with other countries should be appreciated. India seems very honest under his leadership. They agree not to steal technology but to share it. They provide trust which makes it easier to share technology.

Freedom for all religions in India

Last year America had praised religious freedom in India. It was said that India is the world’s largest democracy and home to many religions.

Actually, America was asked why India was not included in the list of ‘countries of special concern’. Responding to this, the then US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said that India is the home of many religions and India cannot be included in the countries of special concern or special watch list. The Biden administration will continue to encourage India’s commitment to protecting religious freedom for all people.

China-PAK have also praised Modi

Chinese media has openly praised India and described it as a powerful country. Government media Global Times says that there has been a positive change in India’s economic and foreign policy under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He is moving forward fast.

At the same time, Pakistani media has also described India as a powerful country. The media there had said in the beginning of the year 2023 that at a time when America and Russia are face to face on the issue of Ukraine, then both these countries are standing with India. This is India’s best diplomacy. India has become a global power.

Putin has said that Modi cannot be intimidated or threatened

Russia has also praised India on many occasions. On December 8, 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised PM Modi at the 14th VTB Investment Forum ‘Russia Calling’ held in Moscow. He had said that Prime Minister Modi himself is the guarantee of relations between Russia and India. They cannot be intimidated or forced to take decisions contrary to national interests.

Putin had said- When it comes to protecting national interests, PM Modi’s strict stance is appreciated. I cannot imagine that Modi can be intimidated, threatened or forced to do anything, take any action or take any decision that is against India and the Indian people. To be honest, sometimes I am surprised by the strict stance taken by the Indian people on protecting their national interests. 

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