Obama said – Save Earth instead of settling life on Mars
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Obama said – Save Earth instead of settling life on Mars

Former US President Barack Obama said during a summit in Paris on Wednesday that people should try to save the Earth before dreaming of building a colony on Mars. Even a nuclear war and climate change cannot make the Red Planet habitable.

Speaking at the Renewable Energy Conference, Obama mentioned the billionaires who are building spaceships to take humans to Mars. The former US President said- Some people talk about settling life on Mars because according to them, the Earth’s environment may become so bad that it may not be habitable.

Obama said – Even if nothing is done for climate change, oxygen will remain on Earth

Obama further said – Even if there is a nuclear war on Earth, it will still be more habitable than Mars. Even if we do not take any action regarding climate change, there will be oxygen on earth. But the same cannot be said about Mars.

According to the former US President, we should spend money on improving and taking care of this Earth instead of Mars. The purpose of space exploration should be to gather information. During this time, the focus should not be on creating a new world for people to live in. We have been created to live on earth and we should try to keep this earth livable.

Elon Musk is building the most powerful rocket to go to Mars

SpaceX company owner Elon Musk is testing the world’s most powerful starship vehicle. It is a reusable transportation system. Through this, Musk will send humans to Mars. The Starship system will take 100 people together to Mars.

Musk wants to send humans to Mars and establish a colony there by 2029. The spaceship will also be able to transport humans to any corner of the world in less than an hour.

What is the need to establish a colony on Mars?

On the need to establish a colony on Mars, Elon Musk says ‘A life ending event on Earth can cause the end of humanity, but if we make our base on Mars then humanity can survive there.’

According to Musk, Earth’s existence could be in danger due to nuclear war or the collision of an asteroid. In such a situation, the most suitable planet for us is Mars. With this, humans can avert their destruction. Millions of years ago, dinosaurs also died on Earth due to a life ending event.

PM Modi had said – Think about nature’s health card like you do

Earlier in the COP28 World Climate Action Summit, PM Modi had said Just as we think about our health card, in the same way we should also think about the environment. should think. We should also think that like us, positive points should also be added to the health card of the Earth.

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