18 OTT platforms showing obscene content banned
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18 OTT platforms showing obscene content banned

The central government on Thursday banned 18 OTT platforms broadcasting obscene content. Along with this, 19 websites, 10 apps and 57 social media handles have also been blocked.

These apps, OTT platforms and social media platforms were presenting obscene and objectionable videos in the name of entertainment. Earlier, these OTT apps were warned several times, yet no improvement was found in their content.

This decision was taken in the meeting of the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on March 12. However, the list of these apps has been released today.

Why was it banned?

According to the government, there was obscenity in its content. In many places women were shown in a derogatory manner. Apart from the relationship between student and teacher, family relationships were also misrepresented.

More than 1 crore downloads, more than 32 lakh followers.

The government said that out of 18 OTT apps, one app has received more than 1 crore downloads. Although its name was not disclosed. Two other apps have received more than 50 lakh downloads on Google Play Store. Apart from this, these OTT platforms also used social media extensively to attract audiences to their websites and apps. There are a total of more than 32 lakh users on these social media accounts.

Action after receiving many complaints:

Earlier, the Ministry had said that they had received many complaints regarding the content being shown on the OTT platform. Those who complained about this included many MPs/MLAs, intellectuals and social workers. After considering these complaints, a new rule, Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, was brought this year to monitor the content of OTT platforms. According to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, there is a provision in Sections 67, 67A and 67B of this Act that the government can ban objectionable content.

The obscene content of the app is promoted on social media.

A video of some scenes and stories of the series shown on the app is made and its promo is posted on social media. The link to download the app remains with the video. Most of the users coming to such apps come through social media.

What are the rules for monitoring now?

The government monitors the content of OTT platforms through the Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code Rules, 2021. According to its rules, OTT platforms themselves have to follow classification, age rating and self-regulation of their content. If this does not happen, then under Section 67, 67A and 67B of this Act, the government can block the objectionable content being presented.

See the full order of IB Ministry

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